sobota, 14 czerwca 2014

Wild Riders !!!:)

So, today I prepared some new stuff for painting - Wild Riders from my beloved, Wood Elves Army :) Bases I have bought from Micro Art Studio :) Hope you like it :)

środa, 11 czerwca 2014


Hi everyone :)

I decided to make my own waywatchers (I don't like the original miniatures:). So I think that combination of Mirkwood Rangers (Hobbit) and Micro-Art miniatures will be great :) So, I prepared my miniatures for painting - maybe on sunday will be finished :) Hope you like it

poniedziałek, 9 czerwca 2014

Dwarf Engineer

Today I present You my new painted mini - Dwarg Engineer - Grimm Burloksson  :) Almost whole mini was painted by brush, only the upper part (grill) was finished by the airbrush :) Hope You like it :)