środa, 21 stycznia 2015

Waywatchers and Wild Riders (WIP)

Since few weeks I have worked on my Waywatchers and new Wild Riders models. As waywatchers I used a Mirkwood Rangers models from Hobbit. The bases to both units I bought from MicroArt Studio - here is the link: http://shop.microartstudio.com/. 

I hope I will show you my painted (and finished) units soon :)

Wild Riders


poniedziałek, 19 stycznia 2015

Sisters of Twilight conversion

Here I present my conversion of Sisters of Twilight for my Wood Elves Army. The tree was created from the parts of branches founded in the nearby forest :) For this project I used minis from Gamezone and Darksword (elves) and Games Workshop (Eagle from Hobbit).   Hope you like it :)

I'm back :)

Hey guys :)

I had a lot of work with PhD studies, but now I can show You some projects from the last weeks :) Hope You like it :)

Thorgrim the Grudgebearer (painted as a gift for my friend)

Spellweaver (for my Wood Elves army)

Finished Army of Dwarfs